Friday, May 25, 2007

the classic dames test

i could hardly be anyone else...although my mother would be mortified by the (fair) score of 0% class. just think though, my little sister monkey 2 has the whole what ever happened to baby jane nightmare to look forward to. wahahaha!

Your Score: Bette Davis

You scored 30% grit, 38% wit, 47% flair, and 0% class!

You're one smart cookie, and you know it. You also know how to let everyone else know it. You are in charge and keep everyone in line with your biting wit and cutting remarks. You're charming when you need to be, and the light sparkles behind your eyes. But when cornered, you can act, but quick, and you'll do anything necessary. You're always ready with just the right come-back, and you can be wilting. You go your own way and have your own, unique way of tackling life, which sometimes includes illegal activity. It's not a great idea to cross you; you can cut down the competition with one well-chosen line, although that's not all you have in your arsenal. Your leading mean include Errol Flynn and Paul Henreid, men who like a feisty gal.

Who are you?

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At 09 June, 2007 13:32 , Blogger Philippa said...

Hum, I'm not sure about this test:

'Your Score: Myrna Loy (14% grit, 28% wit, 33% flair, and 38% class!). You are class itself, the calm, confident "perfect woman." Men turn and look at you admiringly as you walk down the street, and even your rivals have a grudging respect for you. You always know the right thing to say, do and, of course, wear. You can take charge of a situation when things get out of hand, and you're a great help to your partner even if they don't immediately see or know it. You are one classy dame. Your screen partners include William Powell and Cary Grant, you little simmerpot, you.' What about messy, erratic, neurotic, daydreaming, queen of procrastination?

Mind you, you are one smart cookie, with 'your own, unique way of tackling life...!' See you soon? xo

At 10 June, 2007 17:14 , Blogger darling vicarage said...

this is proof that the classic dames test works - philippa is certainly a headturner with mucho class.


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