Sunday, April 15, 2007

dessert of the week: zabaglione @ marine ices

Yummm, Zabaglione

The combination of a job I love, sunny evenings, an attack of the sniffles, and, if I do say so myself, a social calendar to rival pre-rehab Lindsey Lohan has meant there has been, alas, no time for song of the week. Instead, I give you dessert of the week, best shared with a near total stranger after downing muchos vino, judging by my experience.

But, if for no other reason than it would annoy me if I didn't post a song this week, here's an old SOTW from a year ago, in honour of the anniversary of the bank holiday weekend when minifig and I painted the living room of our new little lurve shack. Here's to another grand year behind the white picket fence (or CCTV-heavy concrete council estate).

Song of the Week, around 15th April 2006 - Suzie

If The Killers were still making the sweaty, infectious electro-rock they thrilled me with on the release of Hot Fuss, it might sound almost as good as Boy Kill Boy’s Suzie. Considering the airways are flooded with keyboard-heavy Killers knock-offs and ‘80s throwback rock, I find it pretty incomprehensible that Suzie could have slipped so silently through the net and failed to break out of the XFM prison.

It opens with a restless, fidgety punch-up of guitars, before keyboards like a playground jaunt begin a mock boxing match, colliding into a jeering chorus of rolling, shimmering synths and low-key, but sturdy guitar backing. A finishing cluster of stabbing guitar chords and bashing drums effortlessly collapses the song into itself. I’ve heard lead vocalist Chris Peck compared to Morrissey (really?), but this quivering, stuttering, boisterous performance comes in sounding like an addictive mash-up of Jackie Wilson and Simon Le Bon – and all the better for it. This song is agitated, impatient, petulant but lovable, like a spoilt brat with a pretty smile. I can only thank my lucky stars I am no longer sixteen, else there may have been a Boy Kill Boy t-shirt in my cupboard by now. Far and away the greatest song released by boys in tight trousers (in 2006) – I salute you.


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