Monday, March 26, 2007



The following excerpt is taken from Greil Marcus's rather wonderful Lipstick Traces and, although being about the frenzy following the planned release of Michael Jackson's Thriller concert tickets, is dedicated to everybody hoping to get Glastonbury tickets this year. We wish you all the best...and hope we get tickets before you do.

'This was real life: dollars and cents. It was also a version of what Ulrike Meinhof called Konsumterror - the terrorism of consumption, the fear of not being able to get what is on the market, the agony of being last in line or of lacking the money to join the line: to be a part of social life. All over the country, people became happily afraid of tickets they could not afford to buy, of tickets they might not be able to buy even if they could afford them, of tickets that would seal them as everything and nothing, of tickets that, as the humiliating, exciting process began, were not even on sale'.


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