Tuesday, July 11, 2006

read drift NOW, or i'll find you, and cook you and feed you to the pigeons

firstly, please visit the link above for some really funny cartoons. i spend a significant proportion of my day submerged in so-called "cute" graphics so i appreciate any person who raises one elegantly manicured figure up at sanrio, dick bruna et al. (although, for my sins, i love miffy) i had dinner with my very lovely former uni writer-in-residence a couple of weeks ago who looked up from his noodles and mused, "you must have one of the ultimate postmodern jobs". i was secretly v.v. pleased. i think i might start hanging out in shopping malls and theme parks until i truly become a douglas coupland character.

anyway, this cute picture is here for a reason. this post is a follow-up to the angsty "i hate mix-tapes" post of 28th June. apparently, my CD was not
that bad (although, the track listing is now online, so you can all laugh and point if you wish)

i also direct your attention to this website to implore my miniscule readership to read one the best books i read last year. it's up there with houllebecq and b s johnson for writers-i-officially-love-2005 and it's published for the first time here. it's also written by a bloody good bloke, but i'd only met him twice when i read it, so i wasn't exactly obliged to like it.

and finally, welcome to the first member of my writers-i-officially-love-2006 club - ali smith. my esteemed prof. john sutherland said of
the accidental, there are lots of orgasms. But intellectually written orgasms' and if that isn't recommendation enough, i don't know what is.

saying that, she's still not as good as this


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