Saturday, October 29, 2005

road to nowhere - young @ heart chorus

minifig and I went to see road to nowhere today. a twenty-strong company from massachusetts, ranging from 73 to 92 years old, the young @ heart chorus are a joyous, and incredibly moving group of people. although they aren’t all exceptional singers, young @ heart have a real integrity and depth, which they bring to some of pop music’s greatest tunes. okay, so it’s quirky and cute to see old folks sing lou reed’s ‘walk on the wild side’, but seeing a chorus of grandparents singing talking heads' road to nowhere or the clash’s lost in the supermarket transforms songs associated with disaffected youth into incredibly poignant reflections. i enjoyed a silent, consistent weep through ruby tuesday to a day in the life right through to fake plastic trees: it was brilliantly heartbreaking. and okay, cheap shot, but the ramones's I wanna be sedated was just crying out to be sung! the show really is testament to the fact that the greatest songs are those with the most room for interpretation, and without wanting to make you all gag, the young @ heart chorus really are one of the most life-affirming acts i have seen. golden years indeed.


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