Sunday, July 02, 2006

song of the week: windowlicker

As that crafty little thief, minifig, admits, i've been thinking about doing song of the week for ages - largely because it would mean i would at least be aiming to post something once a week. like minifig, it will be selected from my most played songs of the week. and my choice for the last week of June into early July? sheer filth.

in this sticky heat, waking up in bright sunlight after a relatively mellow night out, there was only one song for Sunday morning.

aphex twin's windowlicker is unashamedly commercial and poppy, yet manages to retain a very cocky air of irony. it's impossible not to dance to it and it's impossible not to laugh at it.

the opening vocal, a distorted snarl over a kind of fuzzy thumping electronica followed by some nasty break-ups and then that unforgettable sleazey groove complete with messed-up porn sighs and shuddering cuts is sheer genius - kind of unpredictable and yet instantly familiar. superficially, windowlicker pretends that the same sounds are being played over and over again, when it's really just gracefully building up to the massive champagne-popping crescendo ending on a jarring, warped bleed of weird synthy-esque sounds. (what a load of bollocks that paragraph is)

like mary poppins, aphex twin's windowlicker is practically perfect in every way - and that's before you see chris cunningham's (everybody's favourite sick bastard) nastily funny pastiche hip-hop video.

clap in time everybody!


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