Wednesday, November 09, 2005

the fall @ islington academy

the first support band made me want to curl up into a little ball and die – on their behalf. resist played late 80s crappy emo-soft rock with bonnie tyler-style guitar riffs, yet came dressed as a bunch of teenagers who had spent all their money in camden market buying watered-down goth tat - despite the fact they are clearly in their thirties and work for the council. they actually rhymed ‘confusion’ with ‘illusion’ and then ‘delusion’. i really hope they all have day-jobs. singer's voice was okay though.

john cooper clarke was one half of the reason i bought the ticket. hair like a broomstick and a body to match, 20 rothman’s drawl and old man’s sense of humour. bit grubby. nobody’s fool. i was very irritated that he didn’t receive the clear reverence he deserved. i don’t really understand how someone can claim to be into the fall, and yet spend an entire jcc set whining ‘who’s this prat? bring on the boys.’ clearly they can’t read.
john cooper clarke has also been to my flat and its salubrious environs.

what can you say about the fall. like the bastard son of robin cook and toad of toad hall, mark e smith wreaks bleary havoc while a motley crue of old men, young men and a beautiful woman make a load of old noise.

the spirit of the late, great john peel lives on.

always different. ever the same.


At 22 March, 2006 20:07 , Blogger paddington said...

Dear girl, why have you quit writing your blog? I am already a fan, as are the entirety of Homo Ludens's readership (a modest audience, admittedly) - we beseech you, start writing again!


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