Friday, September 16, 2005

friday i'm in love

Some interesting and good things have been happening this week. My partner in crime, minifig, went for a job interview on Wednesday and found out today that he will be promoted in four weeks. He's a boy genius.

minifig is a caped crusader working for the powers that be in the heart of the city– make of that what you will. I am a scrivener, debt collector and storyteller.

I generally enjoy my job, but, like most normal, well adjusted people, am happy when the end of the day arrives and prefer Fridays to Mondays.

I must say, I am dreadfully sorry, but although it’s only 9.20pm on a Friday night in the big wild city, I fear I shall make my way along the path and across the stile to Bedfordshire.
Good night


At 18 September, 2005 21:22 , Blogger Effortlessly Average said...

Hello of the United States! I ran across your blog a couple days ago and bookmarked it so I could return to read it at my leisure. I really enjoy it. We seem to have similar attitudes about the things on which you've commented so far. Isn't it interesting - although I don't know at this point why is should be, given technology today - that I can be an entire continent away, reading the words of another person? Hope things are well in London; one of my goals in life it so see it someday.

At 19 September, 2005 17:21 , Anonymous anna said...

well, hello from south africa... much enjoyment reading your writing & thinking of you & your london life.


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