Monday, October 02, 2006

jurassic 5 @ brixton academy

Falling out of our flat and into the Brixton Academy on Saturday night, minifig and I were treated to an exceptional night out with the Californian 5-piece Jurassic 5. Now I don't know much about hip-hop, but I know wot I like, and Jurassic 5 is it.

It's bizarre to think these fellows got together over 15 years ago, for they all still look fresh as a daisy - esp. cute little Akil. Watching them on Saturday, there was something instinctive and effortless, relaxed and warm and excitable about their performance that I didn't expect from five blokes in their late 30s. It made me realise how often I must go to gigs and chin-scratch as I watch four skinny indie boys look nonchalant and pasty without really have that great a time. I think the last time I bounced around this much at a gig was when minifig and I went to the see The Beastie Boys (a ten-year obsession finally sated by seeing them live) and I realised the meaning of the phrase 'beside myself'. At the end I wanted to tie myself to Adrock's legs and let him drag me back to New York and spent the next few days sulking like a child that the gig was over. It was wonderful.

Refining the old school a'la De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest has always been the J5's goal, but I really think they're better than that, with the benefit of fifteen years of superstar DJ action under DJ Nu-Mark's belt (he touched my hand!!!). 15 years has also meant that each MC has refined his style so beautifully, carving his own niche in the band, that not only did watching them really highlight each member's distinctive style, but also the refreshing lack of ego on stage.

Of course, there was a little bit of hip-hop posturing, but equally, there was much goofiness, especially when they dragged on their roadies to freestyle with them. But above all, there was oodles of unabashed interaction with the audience, and I am positive minifig would agree that Chali 2na and I shared a special moment and Akil was definitely dancing with me.

In fact, like pretty much anybody with the patience to hang around after the show, minifig and I shared a special moment with each member of Jurassic 5, being as all five members hung around the barrier or leapt into the pit at Brixton Academy after the show finished to sign pretty much anything thrown at them (trainers, ticket stubs, t-shirts, records, breasts etc), posing with superhuman good humour for photo after photo. The end of the gig was rather like going to PortAventura theme-park where they give you a passport on your way in and you have to charge around the entire site getting stickers and stamps from members of staff dressed in sombreros or armour, only with hip-hop superstars and ticket stubs. Now that's class. And it was only a five minute walk home.

So thanks Jurassic 5, I needed that.


At 02 October, 2006 20:59 , Blogger minifig said...

I liked the staying behind and signing things - rather sweet, I thought...

At 03 October, 2006 16:21 , Blogger Alexandra said...

It's nice that they signed things for you. I have a signed Busted photo lurking somewhere in a dusty corner of my room...but that's another story. -shifty looks-

I know /of/ Jurassic 5, but I've never heard anything by them. I remember talking to someone who said that he hated hip-hop, as a rule, but was absolutely besotted with Jurassic 5. Hmmm. Intriguing.

I'm getting concert cravings now.

At 09 October, 2006 20:16 , Blogger Philippa said...

Are you thanking J5 for playing at the Brixton Academy? Because really, however great they were, that has little to do with you flat location.

That aside, good choice. Of flat, I mean. And gig. I saw them at the Academy a few years ago and it was definitely one of the most fun gigs I've ever been too. Sigh. Gigs, those things that other people go to.

Next time they're in your neck of the woods, I'd like to come too please. :)


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