Saturday, September 23, 2006

the war on terror

There was a predictable outpouring of manufactured outrage when the BBC London News featured the War on Terror board-game earlier this week.

A great game for all the family, it includes a 75x50cm 'World Map' Board, an 'Evil' Balaclava for when you inevitably become a terrorist, an Axis of Evil Spinner, Empire Cards, Terrorist Cards, Oil Counters, Radiation Counters, Empire Counters and as if that wasn't enough, the first 500 people to buy it will receive a signed, limited edition suicide bomber certificate. Genius.

Naturally, the insightful BBC journalist gasped and tutted her way through the interview, grumbling about insensitivity, sensationalism, sick jokes and cynical money spinning before slapping the game developer on the wrist and booting him out of the studio. After all, ladies and gentlemen, terror is not a laughing matter and war is not a game.

She then promptly turned to camera, and without batting an eyelid, introduced the next feature about the return of everybody’s favourite boys’ toy, Action Man, now back on shelves in a full collection of military gear, enabling a whole new generation of kids and collectors alike to play old favourites including ‘annihilate the barbarians’, 'teargas the lefties’ and ‘shoot the innocent Brazilian’. Awww.


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