Monday, July 31, 2006

avenue q

to commemorate the eye-opening wonder that is minifig's and mine 8 year anniversary, i did what any self-respecting girlfriend would do and dragged her boyfriend to a musical, and he loved it.

fair enough, avenue q has been billed as the musical for people who don't like musicals, but i love a good spontaneous song and dance number somewhere inappropriate (e.g; revolutions, saigon brothels, women's prisons etc).

i was also brought up almost exclusively by roald dahl, michaela strachan, eighties dance movies involving shy girls with flexible limbs and sesame street. avenue q was made for me. the first line is 'what do you do with a BA in English', sung by a 23 year old muppet, and joy of joys there is even a song about mix-tapes. i might as well just be in the damn thing.

i urge anyone with a couple of spare notes to get down to the noel coward theatre and see avenue q. ridiculously silly, this musical sees the cookie monster transformed into compulsive porn addict, the trekkie monster, and shifts the whole bert and ernie saga of repressed desires up a notch. the bad-idea bears are every tex avery good angel/bad angel cartoon made a little bit dirtier.

in this age of 80s re-releases, simpering nostalgia and (i'm so bored of it) irony, avenue q should be more smug and annoying, but in truth, it is just very very funny. using classic pre-school TV techniques such as simple animations and phonetic repetitions, avenue q provides surprisingly sweet answers to both the irritating undying optimism of kids tv and the sheer horror of adulthood.

there is also the added pleasure of watching talented comic actors giving the performance of their life almost entirely with their left arm

stand-out songs include everyone's a little bit racist, the internet is for porn, my girlfriend who lives in canada and schadenfreude.

sounds good dunnit?


At 02 August, 2006 20:49 , Blogger Newfred said...

I saw a clip of this on YouTube the other day. It was hilarious. Americans certainly love turning everything into a musical: first Jerry Springer, now this!

Congratulations to you and Minifig. Eight years! That means when you started going out I was 14 :-O


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