Monday, November 05, 2007

song of the week: another chance - roger sanchez

In preparation for my forthcoming trip to Le Big Apple, I have been prepping my playlists for all things NY. Velvet Underground. Check. Beastie Boys. Check. Suzanne Vega. Check. Frank. Check. George. Check. So far so booorrring. So here's a dedication to a rather European New Yorker, the S man himself, Queen's very own Roger Sanchez and his early noughties' house floorfiller. Tinny drumbeats, cheesey lyrics, mushy, swirly, hand-wavy, wobbly, distorted, brain-mashing repetitions and the indisputable feeling that you're in love with everyone else in the room. There were so many "cool" or just classic possible choices for this week. Here's something disposable. Like Reeces pieces, Coca Cola, apple pie with a slice of cheese and a side of ice-cream and Lucky Strike it will rot you from the inside out. But it's a fun sort of decay.


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