Friday, November 02, 2007

song of the week: all by myself - feeder

Before there was OK Go on treadmills, there was the Feeder fan video. While getting ready for work this morning, XFM kindly reminded me of this slice of quintessentially English teen suburbia. Okay, so it’s not a ground-breaking, or even particularly great, song, but frankly I find this video cute incarnate.

The synchronised dancing with guitars
The emo boys taking themselves far too seriously
The bad lighting
The rubbish interior décor
The Fab lolly
Gyrating black-bra lady
Blonde girl with multiple wardrobe changes (are they the same girl? Or just the same room?)
Cute nu-metal girls in visors and their photo opp
Those adorable blonde children, the nose-picking, Funny noooooooowww!!!!
Weird lady with cyan zip-top doing Blanche Dubois goes psycho
(especially when she gets out the dressing-gown and fag)
The tea break from the Topman boys
Sincere boy in white t-shirt and glasses
The umbrella-ella-ella
Glove puppets and newspapers
Show-off video-camera dancing
And let’s not forget enraged mother at 3.46



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