Sunday, February 25, 2007

song of the week: deadbeat club

Huh, get a job? What For?....I'm trying to think

Last night, for the first time in months, I was under the same roof as my three bestest girlfriends from university, drinking wine and shouting at eachother over Manu Chao on the stereo. Since my friend, who shall be known henceforth as Lady Quinoa, moved into Brixton last week, I have been wasting time with my loveliest friends, having dinner, going for breakfast and saving the world on the Stop Trident march yesterday.

Having stayed out late like a ruffian last night, I'm feeling pretty drowsy and monged out today - to the extent that it took me almost ten minutes to choose between shower gels in the supermarket this morning. I owe this dreamy haze of a hangover to good friends and full glasses. So here's a sleepy, smiley song for my lovely friends, not least of all because Lady Quinoa and The Artist realised I was their only friend working the dreary 9-5 treadmill...and the way things are looking right now, I may have to join The Deadbeat Club myself, or risk going slowly mad.


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