Sunday, August 03, 2008

song of the week: Je suis la tigresse - Delphine Desyeux

Apologies for the tardiness in posting this week; I've been busy booking my summer holiday (returning to my spiritual homeland, the Czech Republic - woo!) and planning my future.

Last week's blissful sunshine and the ressurrection of all my frilly summer dresses and flirty cut-off t-shirts meant that frothy French ye-ye happily dominated the i-Pod. This uncomplicated, exuberant and oh-so-girly '60s pop kind of replicates what the inside of my head does when the sun comes out (i.e: la-la-la-la, mmmn ice-cream, la-la-la-la, what pretty pink flip-flops, la-la-la, seriously, Sophie Kinsella can really write - okay, maybe not the last bit). Delphine Desyeux's Je suis la tigresse ticks all the boxes - it's the biggest load of candyfloss girly twaddle and so indulgent and inconsequential that I defy you not be just a little bit happy when you hear it. It's proto-girl-power (or, as I like to think of it, sexism in it's most naive and innocent form) lyrics brilliantly reinforce the song's mix of faux-innocence and cynical marketing of young female flesh. I tell you, it's a dream. Unfortunately, youtube only has the original Lulu version of the song...which doesn't sound anywhere near as good, but does come accompanied with this gem of a video. Forget drunken office-party snogs or farting in front of your boss...this is professional suicide of the most impressive kind.


At 04 August, 2008 22:05 , Blogger paddington said...

holy crap!

At 04 August, 2008 22:28 , Blogger darling vicarage said...

I think I'm going to go and commit suicide now, paddington.

At 25 December, 2008 04:59 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

here is the song... i just found it on youtube.
the french version.


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