Sunday, December 31, 2006

Darling Vicarage's 2006 New Year's Eve Music Awards

Trash Manufactured Pop Award
Something Kinda Ooh - Girls Aloud
"something kinda oooh, jumping on my toot-toot" - glorious, ridiculous, camp and sparkley - not as good as 2005's Biology, but then few songs in this world are....

Best Music Video / Services to Music / Best Dance / Best Dressed
OK Go - Here It Goes Again
Take four grown men in bad clothes, four treadmills and a chirpy pop song and what do you get? music history in the making.

Sadly Missed
Simon Amstell & Miquita Oliver - Popworld isn't the same without you

Gig of the Year
Dresden Dolls @ The Roundhouse
(could you tell I liked it? - see post for 3rd Nov)

Image of the Year
Director of Christina Aguilera's 100%-bloody-brilliant-Christina 1 - Britney 0-Dirty-Video, David LaChapelle's Heaven to Hell is filled with glorious colour-saturated, glossy pseudo-pornographic, cruelly funny depictions of fame, but this picture of Angelina Jolie... well, words fail me.

The 'Unforgettable' Award comment


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